For a happier LIFE(lives, life and lifestyle). For a happier LIFE(lives, life and lifestyle).

For a happier LIFE
(lives, life and lifestyle).

We pursue a lifestyle in harmony with nature and encourage
a healthy and comfortable way of living for every being.


To encourage "the healthy and comfortable lifestyle",
we are committed to designing LIFE beyond material products.


The production and sales of the skincare line "Kamitsuren" began with our unique production method which maximizes the potential of domestic organic chamomile.

It all started in 1982 when the late Kitajo Haruhisa, the founder, noticed the high efficacy of German chamomile and developed "Kamitsuren Medicated Bath Essence" for the health of people. Since then, we have been expanding the quasi-pharmaceutical/cosmetics brand "Kamitsuren". We established the chamomile village in Ikeda-cho, Nagano, the hometown of the founder, where the chamomile production factory and organic JAS certified private farm are consolidated, and control all aspects of the product chain-from raw materials to product marketing and sales.

The skincare line committed to using domestic chamomile (harvested in Japan)
All the products of "Kamitsuren" are made from natural and naturally-derived ingredients, including the bath essence. All the products contain our chamomile extract and are free of additives, such as synthetic oils, chemical preservatives, artificial coloring, and fragrance. In keeping our motto of "for everyone regardless of their gender or age", we only use what is essential and keep the formula simple in order to keep the products safe to use for anyone including babies and seniors.
We set high criteria for our product development (including cultivation of chamomile)
  • our products should contain the highest concentration of our proprietary-manufactured domestic chamomile possible.
  • must keep our ingredients as organic as possible
  • must use plant ingredients that are sustainable and are non-destructive to the ecosystem
  • use plant extract and bioethanol for preservation
  • must choose the simplest manufacturing processes possible for the environment
  • use highly selected organic essential oils


"Yasuesou", as the first certified BIO HOTEL®︎ in Japan,
encourages people to pursue a lifestyle that is
comforting for both humans and nature.

The hotel welcomes you with a woody scent and a warm ambiance. Meals served in the morning and in the evening are health-conscious cuisine designed around the use of vegetables and rice grown in our private organic gardens and fields. The chamomile extract spa moisturizes your skin and relaxes your mind and body. Yasuesou offers sensational comfort for our guests.

The first Japanese BIO HOTEL® with the rigorous standards for food, clothing, and shelter.
Located in the heart of the chamomile village in rural Nagano, "Yasuesou" is the first Japanese hotel to receive BIO HOTEL JAPAN certification. The BIO HOTEL® certification is given to hotels that offer their guests and their environment a safe and serene space. Everything provided at our hotel is organic, including food, skincare products, and bedding. We are also very specific about the materials we use for both the interior and exterior of the facility and in order to further extend our services, we take a role in environmental management as well. Each year, we hold tours and workshops, such as, "Cancer survivors' tour" under the concept of "healthy glow up".


Since 1949, we have been pursuing methods
for humans and nature to exist in harmony.
Today, we are focused on creating new business projects and
teaming up with other businesses to make even better use of the method.

We assist through the whole OEM/ODM process from service planning to sales. We are also conducting research on other possible uses for dry residue in the chamomile extract. By the motto "Sustainability and Circularity", we will continue to provide products that are healthy, eco-friendly, socially responsible, and safe and secure.


Born out of decades of passion, we will continue to build our culture for the next generations.


SouGo Co., Ltd
  • Head office; 4098 Hirotsu, Ikeda-cho, Kita-azumi-gun, Nagano, Japan
  • Tokyo office; 5th floor 1-8-2, Shin-ohashi, Koutou-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Yasuesou; 4098 Hirotsu, Ikeda-cho, Kita-azumi-gun, Nagano, Japan
The date of establishment
April 1959
Kitajo Hiroko
Herbal cultivation, manufacturing and sales of quasi-pharmaceutical products, manufacturing and sales of cosmetic products, processing/manufacturing and sales of food products, sales of tea and soft drinks, business projects and collaboration, designing sustainable social value, production, processing, and sales of agricultural products, management of on-site farming workshop, hotel business.


Head office
Tokyo office


”When one is in their natural form, happiness will find them"
Since our establishment in 1949, this idea has been the power to motivate us to continue the pursuit of a lifestyle that enables the coexistence of humans and nature. As ecosystems have a vital function in maintaining balance, we believe we can live a happier and more sustainable life if we learn to let it provide us with its very best benefits rather than exploiting and destroying it. In order to make it happen, we, SouGo, will continue to move forward with the motto "LIFE as lives, life, and lifestyle". Our mission is to build the world in which humans and nature, hand in hand, exist in joy.

Kitajo Hiroko
Kitajo Hiroko


Apr 1949
Apr 1959
Established "Sougo Printing Industrial Arts Co., Ltd"
Apr 1984
Ogaki city council of Gifu prefecture formed the Herb Association
Nov 1984
Opened Kamitsure Laboratory and Yasuesou in the chamomile village in Ikeda-cho, Nagano prefecture.
June 1989
The first chamomile festival was held
Aug 2004
The first nature workshop/camp was held
Apr 2008
The first "Herb University" course was held
Jul 2009
Our corporation farm has received the organic JAS(Japanese Agricultural Standards) certification
Sep 2009
Our chamomile tea has received the permit to use the organic JAS certification logo
Jan 2013
Changed the corporation name to "相互-Sougo"
Dec 2013
Chamomile Production Association was inaugurated by Noda village of Iwate prefecture
May 2015
Remodelled Yasuesou, and became the first Japanese hotel/inn to receive the Bio Hotel Japan certification.
Nov 2016
Yasuesou received the Good Design Award 2016
Nov 2018
Yasuesou received the Award of Excellence from Minister of the Environment at the 6th Good Life Award
Mar 2019
Yasuesou received an honorable mention at the 11th Health Tourism Award
Apr 2019
Changed the corporation name to "SouGo"
Dec 2019
"Kamitsuren Medicated Bath Essence” received the Jury Prize at the Sustainable Cosmetics Award 2019
Jun 2020
Yasuesou's hotel program received the Health Tourism Certification
Aug 2020
Launched the limited design bottle of Kamitsuren Medicated Bath Essence in collaboration with "deleteC", a non-profit organization that supports research and treatment of cancer.
Jan 2021
"Kamitsuren Medicated Bath Essence” received the Jury Prize at the Sustainable Cosmetics Award 2020
Apr 2021
Relocated the head office


Yasuesou became the first hotel to receive the Bio Hotel Japan certification in Asia. (Left in August 2022)

Yasuesou became the first hotel to receive the Bio Hotel Japan certification in Asia. (Left in August 2022)

A Bio Hotel is a certified hotel that meets strict criteria of health and sustainability set by the Austria-based BIO HOTEL association (Die BIO HOTELS). There are currently about 100 certified organic hotels around Central Europe. Formed In 2013 with official approval from Die BIO HOTELS, the Japanese organic hotel association (BIO HOTEL JAPAN) sets its unique strict guidelines for each product category based on the European organic standards and chooses certification ranking for each.

Yasuesou received the Good Design Award 2016.

Yasuesou received the Good Design Award 2016.

Every aspect of Yasuesou consists of what's given by nature, including food, drinks, linen and bedding, skincare products, building materials, interior, and even energy source for our boiler. Our concept is to introduce our guests to permaculture living with "ordinariness". The experience we hope our guests have at Yasuesou is a less holiday getaway experience and is rather about having provocative moments that would encourage them to incorporate the way of living in their daily life. Yamada Takahiro, an architect and the founder of Bioform Architectural Design Studio, puts the most importance on universality and fundamentality for the environment and for health. In the linked article below, you can read about the thought he has put into designing Yasuesou. The award recognized not only the tangible aspect of the hotel but also how its guest experience is designed.

Yasuesou received the Award of Excellence from the Minister of the Environment at the 6th GOOD LIFE AWARD.

Yasuesou received the Award of Excellence from the Minister of the Environment at the 6th GOOD LIFE AWARD.

Good Life Award is a project that aims to invigorate society by introducing and recognizing social initiatives intended to realize a lifestyle that is "better for both the environment and society". Its goal is to encourage individuals in Japan to reconsider their lifestyles. Yasuesou received the same award in 2019 for the second consecutive year.

Yasuesou was awarded an honorable mention at the 11th Health Tourism Award.

Yasuesou was awarded an honorable mention at the 11th Health Tourism Award.

Health Tourism refers to a form of travel for the maintenance or restoration of an individual as an incentive for one to eventually continue the healthy lifestyle at home.


"Kamitsuren Medicated Bath Essence” received the Jury Prize at the Sustainable Cosmetics Award 2019.

Kamitsuren began in 1982 with a few products filled with the exuberant life force of chamomile. It started when the owner of then a printing company, Kitajo Haruhisa, began his research and study on chamomile with his determination "to create a healthy product that would be of help to people of all age and skin type", and started the production of chamomile extract with his unique method. In 2019, "Kamitsuren Medicated Bath Essence”: purely made of our chamomile extract, received the Jury Prize at the first Sustainable Cosmetics Award.


"Kamitsuren Medicated Bath Essence” received the Jury Prize at the Sustainable Cosmetics Award 2020.

The longtime bestseller since 1982, "Kamitsuren Medicated Bath Essence” received the Jury Prize at the Sustainable Cosmetics Award 2020 which is a program that assesses and recognizes "environmentally and human-friendly cosmetic products" based on the sustainability standards (SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals).

Received the Social Products Award 2022 Social Products Award

Received the Social Products Award 2022 Social Products Award

At the "Social Products Award 2022" sponsored by the Social Products Promotion Association, "KAMITSUREN" sheds light on the excellent "social products" that lead to the realization of a sustainable society, and sociality and products. We received the Social Products Award for the first award system in Japan that evaluates both sexuality.


Take Action for Global Sustainability.
Aspire to Contribute to Social Development with a Strong Sense of Vocation.

In order to make "SouGo" more available for society, we set our heart on a constant improvement through new challenges, by acquiring and updating appropriate certifications and awards, and by registering for Nagano prefecture SDGs promotion enterprise.

Nagano prefecture SDGs promotion enterprise
Acquired certifications
Supporting Groups/Organizations
  • Renewable Energy 100 Declaration
    RE Action
  • Climate Emergency Network
  • The General Incorporated Association
    Circular Economy Japan

What we do for SDGs
(Sustainable Development Goals)

Implementation of circular agriculture
We utilize the dry residue produced from the chamomile extract process as a soil conditioner for our private farm.
Our focus on Ingredients and Containers

At Kamitsuren, we keep ingredients and containers as eco-friendly as possible.

  • Organic domestic chamomile
  • Organic certified ingredients and minimally processed ingredients
  • Bioplastic containers made of 96% sugarcane-based ingredient
  • Recyclable glass containers made from recycled glass
  • Highly biodegradable natural fiber
Installation of 100% renewable electric energy
In April 2019, we installed 100% renewable electric energy at Yasuesou and head office which has an adjoining chamomile extract production facility.
Installation of wood chip boiler
Yasuesou has installed a wood chip boiler which technically keeps its CO2 emission at the lowest possible. Wood chips are a biomass fuel that has been garnering attention in recent years. The wood chips we use are made from sustainably harvested local cypresses, cedars, and red pine trees of Ikeda town.
Adopt-a-forest project
78% of Nagano prefecture in which the chamomile village lies is forest land and its lush forests are proudly our shared assets. Since 2010, we have been a member of the prefectural forest preservation project we work on together with the locals with the aim of restoring and maintaining the forest.
Continuation of being of others' help

We hold various programs and events at the chamomile village in order for our guests to experience the greatness of chamomile and nature.

Hosting on-site nature experience workshops
The event started in 2004 for the purpose of creating an event for children with allergy and/or asthma in cooperation with an expert. The activity includes harvesting at our organic chamomile fields and so on.
Sponsoring the General Incorporated Association KSHS
The General Incorporated Association KSHS is a social group supporting breast cancer survivors. We fully support their vision and sponsor the "cancer survivors' tour" which has taken place in Yasuesou since 2013.



About the FAX reception desk outage by the blackout of the Tokyo office Building


Social Products Award 2022 Social Products Award

SouGo Co., Ltd.'s "KAMITSUREN" won the Social Products Award at the "Social Products Award 2022" sponsored by the Social Products Promotion Association.
We will also participate in exhibitions and sales held at the Daimaru Tokyo store.

[Judge evaluation comment]
A skin care series that combines reliability and achievements. We are thoroughly conscious of the environment, such as domestic and pesticide-free raw material cultivation, factory-produced energy utilization, and product packaging. We are working on sustainable town development by making the best use of local resources, and contribute to recycling agriculture and regional revitalization. The story of the founder struggling to develop products with the desire to "make something that is safe for the skin and body with the power of plants" from the experience of completely curing cancer with the guidance of a doctor of pharmacy and Chinese medicine is also impressive. Although it is not 100% organic, it is a reliable product because it is explained in appropriate terms. Since it is a long-selling product, I hope you will continue to acquire fans in the future.

"KAMITSUREN" is an organic JAS certified in-house farm and a domestic contract farmer, using domestic chamomile cultivated by a farming method that does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers and has a low environmental load, and sticks to organic ingredients. I am.
In addition, 100% renewable energy is used at Kamitsure no Sato in Nagano Prefecture, where the manufacturing plant is located. Cultivation of raw materials by sound-cycle agriculture on land that has been abandoned due to the reduction policy has led to agricultural promotion and environmental conservation.
In Kamitsure no Sato, we operate "YASUESOU," the first inn in Japan that has acquired Bio Hotel Japan certification. We also hold the Chamomile Flower Festival more than 30 times to revitalize the region.

■What are Social Products and Social Products Awards (SPA)?
The Social Products Award (SPA) is the first award system in Japan that sheds light on excellent "social products" that lead to the realization of a sustainable society and evaluates both sociality and commerciality.

■Information on exhibition and sales
An exhibition and sale of award-winning products will be held.
At the venue, we are selling 3 items of KAMITSUREN Medicinal Bathing Agent 400mL, Natural Soap, and Skin Balm (25g).

"Event Space" on the 9th floor of Daimaru Tokyo
1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6701

February 23, 2022 (Wednesday) -March 1, 2022 (Tuesday)
10:00 to 20:00
(Business hours are subject to change. Please check the Daimaru Tokyo store website for the latest information.)


Notification of system outage due to server maintenance

Thank you for your continued patronage of KAMITSUREN and YASUESOU.

Due to the legal inspection and server maintenance of the electrical facilities of our Tokyo office occupancy building, which will be carried out on February 15th (Tuesday), all systems including telephone and fax will be stopped.

Due to this effect, telephone calls and faxes to the Tokyo office will be closed during the following period.
(I'm very sorry, but the message on the answering machine does not flow due to the power outage)

Suspension period: February 15, 2022 (Tuesday) 18:00 to February 16, 2022 (Wednesday) 9:00 Scheduled
We apologize for any inconvenience and inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Our corporate website is reopened after renovation

Thank you always for using our corporate website.
Today, we would like to announce that our corporate website, which was undergoing construction, is freshly renovated.

From the year of 2021, we began our business with the task, “For a happier LIFE (lives, life and lifestyles)”.
We pursue a lifestyle in harmony with nature and encourage a healthy and comfortable way of living for every being.

We look forward to your continued patronage.